Sizes to Fit!

Good afternoon lovely ladies!
I have so more lovely news for you lovely Viva Fat Vegas attendees! Sizes to Fit, one of my blog’s sponsors, is thrilled to be now a sponsor of Viva Fat Vegas! The owner has been communicating with me over the past few days about how Sizes to Fit would like to be involved and we just solidified our plan today.

What does that mean?

Well, the owner has told all blogger attendees to pick out either a dress or a top of their choice to wear while we are at Viva Fat Vegas! Isn’t this EXCITING?! Stiletto and I have already chosen ours:

My Pick!

Stiletto's Pick!

So, now it’s time to choose YOURS! Leave a comment with your name, item, and size. All of the items will be sent to Vegas ahead of time so we’ll have them when we arrive! (Means a one less outfit to pack, too!) And a HUGE thank to plus-size clothing store Sizes to Fit!


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  2. Really? WOW!!! Awesome! I would love this in a 2X in purple.


    • cute dress, great pick Mo! I still haven’t decided….so hard!

  3. OOH so cool!!!

    I would love to try the 2-tone satin dress!!

    2X please! 😀

    This is so cool! 😀

    • Actually, can I change that to 3x? I’m borderline and I’d rather have it too big than too small. At least if it’s too big I can just belt it! lol. Thanks!!!

      xoxo Allison

  4. I’m so excited about this! I’ve wanted a dress from these guys for a while but you can’t order online from Canada.

    I’m gonna go for this one in teal:

    3X for me!

    • Nice choice I was going back & forth between the dress your getting & the 1 chose. Well you finally helped me choose by default! Don’t want us both to walk around with the same dress! LOL

  5. Man it was hard to make a decision because of the great selections but we have finally decided.

    Micaela- 2 Tone Bustier Knit Zig Zag Dress in a 3x

    Dannika- 2 Zebra 2 Tone Dress in a 2x

    Jasmine- Rosette Strappy Dress in a 2x

    Yay! We can’t wait to meet you’all and have a ball!

  6. this dress in purple sz 3x please!

  7. This just gets better and better!

    I’d love to have this dress in a 3x!

    Thank you!

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