Lotis Clothing

We have another sponsor who wants to keep you dressed to impress in Vegas! The wonderful people at Lotis Clothing were thrilled to get involved and would like to send a dress and another special surprise to each of you attending bloggers! They will be shipping these pieces to me and we will include them in your swag bags for Vegas so no worries about packing this one either!

You have the choice of one of two dresses from Lotis Clothing, available in a few different colors and patterns!

The Empire Waist Dress which is available in Floral Print (as shown), Animal Print, Amaranth, and Black

And The Pleated Wrap Dress which is available in Floral Print, Amaranth & Black (As Shown). This dress also comes with a leather black corset belt.

As time is of the essence, we are only a little over 2 weeks out, we need to know your dress selections, color choices & sizes in the comments section by Noon Mountain Standard Time tomorrow, Wednesday September 1st.

Thanks Ladies &  A Huge Thanks To Our Sponsor Lotis Clothing!







  1. Pleated wrap dress in black! I coulbt fin a size chart so whichever converts to a size 18??

    • Wow. iPhone typing fail. I couldn’t find a size chart*** lol.

      • me either….hee hee i picked the same dress…but with shoes and accessories I am sure will all will make it look different!

  2. omg this is so awesome….thank you Lotis….love the dress choices.

    I want the pleated wrap dress in size 3x in black…

    i’ll stick with the classic lbd…can;t ever go wrong it!
    Not sure on the sizing didn’t see it on the website but I am usually a 3x.

  3. I’m so excited! These dresses are really gorgeous!!!

    I’m curious to see what Amaranth is, I think it would be a dark pink kinda colour, but they don’t have any pics of it. I think I’m going to take a chance on it and go for the pleated wrap dress in Amaranth! There isn’t a size guide either, so I’m not sure but I’m going to guess that I’m a 3X. I’m still a bit new to sizes that are 2x, 3x etc because we don’t really have them in the UK, but hopefully that will fit.

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Cid, Stiletto Siren. Stiletto Siren said: New #VivaFatVegas Post: @lotisclothing is keeping us dressed to impress in Sin Cit!y http://bit.ly/bPgunT […]

  5. I hate to be a copy cat, but I think I’ll take the pleated wrap dress in black as well. In the 2X. LOL.

  6. I’m going for the Empire Waist Dress in the Animal Print! I’m a wild child like that!

  7. I love these dresses! I’ll go for the Pleated Wrap Dress, 3x, in amaranth! 🙂 Thank you Lotis!

  8. I am so excited to finally get to meet everyone and I know Rosie is as well. I’m looking forward to wearing the Pleated Wrap Dress in black ,3x please. Thank you LOTIS!

  9. Omg! This dress is totally going to be the Viva Fat Vegas uniform! Haha <333 thanks Lotis!!! 😀

  10. Sorry this is so late, but I had to get three dresses!

    Micaela- 3x Empire Waist Dress in the Animal Print
    Dannika- 1x Empire Waist Dress in Black
    Jasmine- 1x Empire Waist Dress in Amaranth

    @Bethaminth they have pictures of it here http://www.lotisclothing.com/collections/

    • Thanks, I was really curious what it would look like!

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