Rosie Mercado Luncheon Update!

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to touch base and give you all some updated info for the Rosie Mercado intimate luncheon on Sunday Sept 19th during the Viva Fat Vegas Bloggers Conference!

First off lets all give a big thank you to our luncheon sponsors the wonderful people at City Chic and the lovely women running Pambras: The Original Bra Liner thanks to them we have secured a great location at a fabulous restaurant FireFly right off the strip.

We will be heading for our 11:30am reservations at FireFly and will be dining on a lovely Tapas Lunch giving us a taste of some of their most popular tapas family style in an intimate lounge setting. This will be a great opportunity to get personal with Rosie and talk to her about fashion, the industry, being a plus model and icon, and about her life in general!

We are so excited for this luncheon! Thanks again City Chic, Pambras & Rosie Mercado for making this possible!





  1. Can’t wait!

  2. Sounds awesome, I love Rosie Mercado and I love Tapas, so the two combined should make for an amazing luncheon!

  3. Very excited and so looking forward to meeting Rosie and all the other ladies!

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